Frank Pike - Coach - Trainer

Frank Pike – Coach – Trainer

The Beyond Category story…

Beyond Category Coaching was born out of a passion for cycling and the desire to help athletes reach their goals and discover their own potential.  The company is led by owner and head coach Frank Pike who has been riding, training and racing bikes for over 20 years and is based out of Denver, CO.  Frank holds certifications from USA cycling as a level 2 advanced coach and Training Peaks as a level 2 premium coach.  Additionally, Frank works with Inscyd a performance software tool that can analyize and identify some key metrics such as VO2 max, efficiency, fuel utilization, lactate accumilation and clearance as well as identifying overall strenghts and weaknesses.  The test is done on your bike using critical power durations and is available if you are working with Frank as your coach or if you have a coach already.  A detailed performance report is provided idenifying metabolic efficiencies, load characteristics, metabolic footprint showing strenghts/weaknesses and training zones.

Beyond Category Coaching is founded on the belief that it takes exercise science, experience and awesome customer service to help athletes reach their goals. My company aims to provide complete personal coaching for the needs of each individual athlete. I am proud to provide top level coaching and customer service at affordable prices. I combine the expertise of professionalism, my experience and education in coaching all levels of cyclists. Beyond Category Coaching exists to empower, motivate and challenge athletes to GO BEYOND!

For more information and pricing, contact Beyond Category Coaching specializes in individual programs, yet I am also organized to coach entire clubs.


Training and Coaching Philosophy

Beyond Category Coaching believes in responsible coaching practices that center around long term athletic development and the teaching of athletes to self-monitor their bodies and minds. Beyond Category Coaching guides athletes in identifying realistic goals and expectations for themselves while encouraging them to seek and accept challenge. Beyond Category Coaching emphasizes that the coach-athlete relationship is vital and a personal one and that the written training plan is less valuable without the trust between the coach and athlete.

I provide training programs based both on experience and science, using my own experiences and the tested knowledge of exercise science. I coach using the following measured metrics: FTP, TSS, IF, VI, NP, EF, decoupling, and matches burned.

I do not solely focus only on science as some other coaching companies or training plans, choosing instead to operate as a complete coaching program. For instance, I do not overlook the components of “the game” of cycling vs. “the physiology project,” remembering that I am coaching athletes to race or achieve their specific event goals, not just to score higher on strength and lactic threshold tests. Heart rate, wattage, cadence, and perceived effort can be used in training prescription and review. I am proud to be able to help athletes progress towards their goals with or without the use of power meters.

Beyond Category Coaching programs are well thought out and strategically designed. They are not entertainment-oriented programs with varied exercises strictly for the sake of variety. Each exercise serves a performance related purpose and improved performance is the true measure of success. I always interview clients about their short and long term goals and try to persuade them to do their homework, the program as I create and prescribe. This is true no matter when they join the program. Cross training and strength training through weights are also components of my programs if an athlete desires additional training outside of cycling.

It was not until I started competing in the maters’ category that I realized I needed a coach. I went from an average racer who finished mid-pack and still got spit out of the back to a consistent top 10 finisher, even contending the final sprint regularly. As an experienced cyclist and coach, I would love the opportunity to work with you and help you attain your goals, whatever they may be. I am committed to delivering an awesome experience and improved results with unmatched customer service.


Beyond Category Coaching Anti-Doping Policy

Beyond Category Coaching will NOT tolerate the use of banned substances. I do not advocate nor condone their use and refuse to do business with any athlete who uses banned substances. If a client tests positive I will immediately end the coaching relationship with no refund.

If you’re gonna go, GO BEYOND! See you out on the road!


Frank Pike
Owner/Head Coach