Time is precious.

When you’ve committed to a cycling performance goal, 99% of that goal is won or lost in your training. Event day is 1% execution.

I started Beyond Category Coaching to deliver committed athletes simple and effective results. Coaching plans and services drive athlete performance based on the idea, “That which is measured improves.”

A coaching relationship with Beyond Category delivers athletes the following benefits:


The willingness to accept responsibility for your training and answer to it. Research shows that answering to a peer on your training efforts increases day-over-day compliance to plans and promotes harder training efforts.


Having an expert co-pilot in your training journey leaves you free to concentrate and perform. Train hard, record your results and Beyond Category will provide feedback and adjust plans as necessary – even when life gets in the way and you miss a training session.


Beyond Category plans will challenge your ability and demonstrate results in specific terms. Seeing your training efforts produce measured adaptation and fitness provides tremendous motivation.


Every plan is broken down into goals. Progress is measured over every training block so you can check off concrete steps towards making your performance
goal a reality.

Beyond Category recommends INSCYD Endurance Sports Training Software for athletes. It will benefit your training schedule and performance with both a scientific foundation and precise predictability.

Training Peaks, Level 2 Coach
USA Cycling