“I started endurance sports on my 40th birthday. Being an analytical sort and having a little exposure to clinical content and ideas, I readily took on texts and theories around training which worked out OK for sprint triathlons and the one 1/2 IM. However, when I tried my first criterium, I just had my butt handed to me and the challenge became specific fitness. That’s where I needed a new plan and an observer. Frank’s coaching targeted specific conditioning issues that I feel have been holding me back from my racing goals. Despite my training discipline and planning ideas, these performance issues weren’t obvious. Without Frank’s plan and insight, I’d be trying the same approaches and getting the same results.”


“I thought I had a good handle on my training and then I would go to a race and I was not able to compete at the level I wanted.  After much frustration, I sought out Beyond Category Coaching.  Frank quickly showed me I was training in no man’s land and never achieved the physiological benefits of stress and adaptation with specific zone training. His simple and effective approach has enabled me to compete at a high level and reach many goals which included my first podium spot.  Frank has helped me to look forward to my training and has given me confidence to compete at a high level.